Hello - my name is Dennis Sagwitz. Nature thrust upon me a desire to draw at an early age. My family grew up in Europe and migrated to the US in 1978. Engaging in
an eclectic variety of creative methods, ultimately photography became my niche.  As of last year, I started shooting motion with a Red Epic. 

Photo and video productions bring people together for a short period of time, in which all brains are on fire!

Be creative, have fun on the set and let me blow your mind.

Dennis Sagwitz is a cum laude graduate of UMASS,

Lowell and McGill University of Montreal, B.A.

He furthers his education at Mass College of Art

He is a Veteran of the 82nd Airborne Division with an

Expeditionary Badge and Combat Infantry Badge

for Operation Urgent Fury, Granada 1983





Tel: 910-538-5593

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